Shree Sai Yoga Institute

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Rules & Regulations

1) Patients are admitted minimum for 5/10 days. It is advisable to have their names registered either through correspondence or telephonic message.
2) The patients are advised to deposit the money in advance for first ten days as the minimum stay period requied befor their check up, admission and case file is prepared.
3) While coming for admission, the patients are advised to bring all their previous medical recored, test and X-rays and other concerned reports if they were treated else where earlier.
4) Please be punctual for meals. Patients and their attendants are not allowed to cook their foods in kitchens.
5) No valuable articles should be kept in the room.
6) Eggs, meant, fish, Liquor, intoxicating drugs and smoking are stricity foridden within the premises of institution. Anyone violating this regulation is liable for expulsion from the institution’s premises.

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